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Santa Cruz
Women's Health Center

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Our mission is to provide quality health services and to advocate the feminist goals of social, political, and economic equality.

Our clinic provides comprehensive, high quality primary care to thousands of low-income women and children each year. Today we serve nearly 6,000 patients.

Please join us by making a donation. Your generosity allows us to continue serving thousands of local women and families directly, while also advocating for accessible, equitable, quality health care for each and every one of us.

Donate Online

Donate by Telephone
Make a credit card donation by calling (831) 426-3133.

Donate by Mail
Send checks to the Santa Cruz Women's Health Center, 250 Locust St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Attention: Fundraising

Donation Designation

By making your gift undesignated, we will determine where your donation can have the greatest impact. If you have a preference, however, you may designate a category from the list below.

  • General donation: Support the Santa Cruz Women's Health Center mission where it is needed the most.

  • Primary Care for the Uninsured: Approximately 42% of our patients are uninsured. Your gift towards our primary care program will ensure that you live in a healthier community and that Santa Cruz pays less for unnecessary emergency room visits.

  • Chronic Care Program: We work to catch chronic conditions early on and help patients manage it with a focus on exercise, diet, and environment. It's their best chance for staying employed and enjoying a life without pain. Your gift helps low-income individuals meet with their provider regularly, buy on-going medication and still afford to pay their household bills.

  • Children's Health: Twenty percent of our patients are below the age of 18. Your gift will provide well-child visits and vaccinations for children from low-income families and needed antibiotics and medicine during the cold and flu season.

  • Health Education and Advocacy: Our case managers are ombudsman as well as advocates for our patients. Your gift will help our patients-in-need find useful services in the community and possibly an insurance plan that will cover their medical needs.

Thank you for helping us create a healthy community today!




Updated December 7, 2012


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